Simon, Managing Director, Cambridge.

"Sandra has provided workshops to support the introduction of new policies and procedures.

"The feedback from staff has been excellent. The written material has been of a high quality and no question has been left unanswered. No attendee has been excluded from what have been informative and enjoyable sessions."

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Collaborative Training

How useful would it be to have a bespoke workshop for you and your managers to help understand the implications of new employment legislation? Whether to assist in communicating effectively, people management training or employment law modules, Collaborative can develop in-house workshops and training programmes.

Employee absences are both costly and disruptive. The average level of employee absence is 8 days per employee per year at an average cost per employee of £800 (July 2009 figures). Managing absence effectively, knowing the legal rights of your employees, distinguishing between short and long term absence and introducing back to work initiatives all have a real benefit to your bottom line.

Poor performance and unhelpful conduct can cause huge problems for employers. Badly handled disciplinary actions lead to expensive legal proceedings. Knowing how to conduct an investigation, how to generate an auditable paper trail and how to deal with the disciplinary interview can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Retaining current staff makes business sense saving on both recruitment and training costs. Learning to deal with sensitive HR issues with understanding and authority can help both you and your managers. Effective handling of employees' grievances will also ensure that you are seen as a fair and consistent employer.

When recruitment is necessary, the failure to recruit the right person can harm your business. We can ensure your interviews are legally compliant and designed to select the right candidate. Using effective listening skills and understanding the non verbal language may assist you to avoid costly selection mistakes.

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