Collaborative Testimonials

John, Engineering Director, Herts

"Collaborative have assisted in the development of all managers from the newly appointed to the more experienced managers. The design and delivery of a range of highly participative workshops covering relevant HR subjects, along with individual coaching, when required, has enabled the whole team to have the expertise to avoid costly mistakes and move the business forward."

Sandra, Trainer, Welwyn

"Sandra has an amazing ability to calm me down and help put things in perspective. Her use of questioning and visualisation is extraordinarily powerful."

Jan, Business Manager, Milton Keynes.

"I have used Sandra's expertise and found her to be a first class professional whose knowledge in up to date HR issues is extensive.

"She is able to offer practical guidance on a wide range of issues and an excellent sounding-board when needing to make difficult decisions. In addition to this I have used Sandra's expertise in group training sessions and the feedback from my staff was superb."

Sandra, Professional Development Manager, Stevenage.

"My experience working alongside Sandra was illuminating. Her approach to solving issues and supporting people (at all levels) helped me to learn and build my own skills, and inspired me to find out more about NLP and coaching - the core principles that she uses so well.

"Her knowledge of HR subject matter, and the clear and unfussy way she uses it to great effect, are a fantastic resource; and one I return to time and again, even though we haven't been direct colleagues for some years!"

Peter, Engineer, Stevenage.

"I worked closely with Sandra when recruiting engineers for our RF team and also with our sponsored student engineering program. I found Sandra to be the consummate HR professional, with a broad and deep knowledge of her field.

"She was excellent with people and I know our graduate engineers enjoyed their interactions with her. As a manager it was good to know one had Sandra's knowledge and people skills to draw on during a time of change in our organisation.

"On a personal level I enjoyed her dry sense of humour and would enjoy working with her again."

Guy, Recruitment Consultant, Luton.

"I've known Sandra for a number of years. I have always found her to be open, frank, and honest and she conducts herself with a high degree of tact and diplomacy.

"Sandra has personally helped me out on a number of occasions for which I will always be thankful to her."

Jackie, Administrator, Watford

"Sandra is a level-headed, thought process driven individual who was always on hand to give sound advice."

Alan, Regional Director, Welwyn Garden City

"Sandra worked with clients within several companies. Sandra delivered very successful and effective mentoring support, working to develop and prepare each client for leadership in industrial management and technological development and innovation roles.

"This role is a very important element of the support provided to these high ability and high achieving individuals, focussing them on their own future and technological application."

Paul, Director, Herts

"I found Sandra extremely professional in all aspects of HR. Her help and guidance on all aspects of recruitment and disciplinary processes was very helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandra as a highly skilled Human Resources Professional."

Jan, Manager, Milton Bryan.

"Sandra brings with her a wealth of experience in training, HR and counselling which has such a positive impact in the coaching arena. She has an intelligent, questioning mind and with her quiet delivery and excellent listening skills, has the ability to put one immediately at ease to create a real feeling of calm.

"She manages to challenge one's thought processes in a non-threatening manner, ensuring that the elusive alternative view or conclusion is found. She has that rare ability to question current reasoning whilst recognising and confirming existing skills and strengths."

Peter, Charity, Buckinghamshire

"Having Collaborative to advise on both employment legislation and complex people issues has proved extremely useful in keeping costs down which is essential to any charity.

"Sandra Brown has a pragmatic, unbiased approach which has enabled us to solve some rather difficult people issues in a timely manner. Knowing that the advice is available at the end of the phone reduces the concern around HR issues."

Kiran, Aerospace Engineer, Denham.

"My consultation resulted in a realisation of personal attributes and characteristics I possessed and how they can be utilised in a positive manner.

"This provided me with a better understanding of utilising the skills I had but also becoming more aware of the environment I was in and the objectives I need to achieve."

Simon, Managing Director, Cambridge.

"Sandra has provided workshops to support the introduction of new policies and procedures.

"The feedback from staff has been excellent. The written material has been of a high quality and no question has been left unanswered. No attendee has been excluded from what have been informative and enjoyable sessions."

Jacqui, HR Manager, Sidcup.

"Sandra empowered me. Through the techniques of NLP she has walked me through perceiving things differently and believing in myself.

"I have identified my insecurities and turned them into assets, my confidence has blossomed and with this my whole well being. Everything is achievable if you really want it."


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